Monday, May 25, 2009

It's go time

Had a great workout today...finally. I wasn't exactly looking forward to Vo2 work but I put out some really good numbers. Kindof lost it mentally on the last one which was discouraging so it turned out to be 5x4'. I always do this...on the last interval I talk myself into just continuing on in the fort and not just sticking to tank hill. It's always a disaster. Vo2 work is hard, very hard so I need the same landmarks and points to concentrate on or I lose it.

This week's gonna be big with lots of TSS. Gonna do a 30' FTP interval before the crit then on Wednesday I'm starting my level 6 work: 10x1' at 150%. These are crucial for masters natz. I'll do some more Vo2 before the group ride thursday. Rest friday then do some big TSS rides this weekend with some motorpacing. Getting psyched for Nats and to go fast again.

I've sketched out my training plan for the next 5 weeks HERE.


gregclimbs said...

plan link is broken....

Rich W said...

That's works fine for me. Here's a cut/paste version.