Wednesday, May 6, 2009


On tuesday before the crit I did a 30' interval at 93% of FTP. I felt good and crusied. During the crit I felt flat and had a hard time getting up to speed for any attacks/bridges. I'm glad it was a small field and we went pretty slow.

On the last lap Sam came tearing by so I jumped on his wheel for the leadout but he actually got us a good gap and I should have went earlier but waited and had to go from just after turn 4 and was caught and passed pretty easily by Ward and Ken.

The video is a little bizarre since it's all me all the time. An interesting perspective for 5 minutes, but not that interesting from a racing standpoint. I think I'll go back to the rear shot (or shooting fwd) for the next crit. Video is HERE.

Today I did 2x20 at the crit course...I was shooting for 95% ala Cannell and really suffered through em, glad they're done and I can chill for a couple days.


spokejunky said...

Tell Selix to stop hogging the camera.

Rich W said...

Gonna try the helmet cam shooting forward next week for lots of ass shots.

spokejunky said...

Puke burp.