Thursday, January 10, 2008

1x40 @ 276w

The legs felt a bit tight/fatigued starting out today but I thought they would come around. Did the usual 1x40 on the fort and was pretty happy with the workout. Passed USC Marc and tried to get him to follow me but he didn't take the bait. Did the first 20min at 280w--from 20min to 35min I sucked--then drilled the last 5 min at 280w. Total ave 276w.

My mental strategy today was to never look at either the elapsed time or the ave wattage until near the end, I just tried to really focus on being smooth and keeping the wattage where I wanted. I also had a better mix on the iPod than on tuesday.

After I got home I went over to crusty's and he gave me a new DA cassette/chain...11x23. I'm rockin an E*L*E*V*E*N bitches. Watch out. We figured out that my healthnet hand-me-down rear shifter is pretty much fried so don't buy it from me on ebay. He was also pretty horrified that my PT cable was held in place with scotch tape. I don't get paid to ride this thing brah...