Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Wanted to get back on track with my threshold training so today I did my usual 1x40min at 272w on the fort. These are the venerated 2x20's everyone's talking about but I don't like to stop for a rest in between intervals cuz I have a hard time getting back into my rhythm so I just motor on.

It went pretty well until about minute 35 then it kindof sucked but I got through it. Today I was drilling in on the flats and downhills but had a hard time keeping the wattage up on the hills, normally that's reversed for me. It could be that I'm a little "unfresh" after this weekend.

Nutty came along and rode my wheel which always gives some extra motivation (and keeps me from quitting!). I wanna get another of these sessions in this week then another big day this weekend.


LL said...

Tempo today on the trainer! Can you explain why 25 watts less on the trainer is SO MUCH harder than the road?! This workout on the road is pleasantly hard but torture on the trainer.

Rich W said...

It's a common complaint. Jay says his indoor/outdoor wattages feel the same but he's put hundreds of hrs on the trainer. One with a heavier flywheel can help and a good fan to keep cool.