Sunday, January 6, 2008

Another big day

Today we met at Ballentine for the lake loop. I wanted to do a little extra in case the ride was too easy so I took off at nine to meet them at 10. It was 20 it sort of forced me to ride hard-ish for an hour. It was pretty nice that early with no traffic. I got to the meet-spot a few minutes early so I was able to grab a drink and some more food.

The ride had a huge turnout...probably due to the 65+ degree weather. And it was NOT an easy ride so I got a good day in. While I didn't really ride at the front that much there was always someone up there banging it out. It was good to meet/talk to those people on that distant planet we call Lexington.

Soooo....the TSS was through the roof today. 251 TSS for the entire day with 184 TSS for the lake loop itself. About 87 miles total in 4:30. A solid day.