Tuesday, January 1, 2008

new day year happy tired

What better way to ring in the new year than a killer ride...went out with LL and Karl & did the screaming eagle / congress / chaingang / cricketstore / cabin creek ride. Gotta love a 246 TSS day (I may have my FTP set a little low in WKO+) and 72 miles. A great day.

For the first 2 hrs we just rode hard...threshold, long pulls, nice. The next 2 hrs were basically flogging ourselves against a 17mph head/crosswind with gusts to 30. Had to give the newbie a lesson in echelon's as he was putting us in the gutter every chance he got ;-) The deep wheels did better than I thought they would, just a little squirrelly with the gusts. It's also very nice to have 15 hrs of data storage on the new PT.

I did about the same mileage on Xmas day and in looking at the two files it really shows the difference that riding with great training partners can have on the results...see below.


spokejunky said...

Is that pic off of WKO+? Know what you mean on the headwind. NY ride down here in Chucklestown was good going out, but on the beach you always have at least one headwind. Mine was all the way back home from the peninsula. Yay.

Rich W said...

Yeah...all graphs, charts etc are screen grabs from WKO+. Today would have been a good day to ride to charleston...but not back.