Saturday, January 12, 2008


Awesome day today...We met at 8am & it was 43° but felt a lot warmer due to not much wind.  It warmed up pretty quick and we ended up with 66 miles.  Perfect.

My bike's shifting was spot-on.  The DA cassette/chain really make a difference.  No more bargain basement Wipperman chains for me.  Crusty says change chains every 2000 miles and a cassette will last a couple of years...sounds good to me.

Also if you haven't checked velonews today there's a great article about training with a power meter and the PMC chart.  Read it HERE.

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byron said...

I change my DA chain each 900-1200 miles. I use a medical tape measure (anything with sixteenth indicators will work). Measure link to link for 10 inches.

You know it's wearing out and time to replace when the center of the pin is off by more than a sixteenth of an inch.

(I have 5300 miles on my DA cassette and rings so far and they still look good.)