Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HOP #1

I've been reading about Bill Blacks "hour of power" for a couple of years on the Wattage list. Some call it the "hour of pain" so I figured today was the day to find out for myself. The concept is that you do a threshold 60min interval (starting at the lower range & increasing) with 10 second standing surges of 130% of FTP every 2min.

The idea behind this is that it simulates racing with the constant surges and will break up the monotony of a long threshold interval. Also he feels that it's a good "bump" to FTP when progress stagnates with just 2x20's. For more info search "hour of power" and "hop" on the Google wattage list.

I wanted to start with these a bit on the easier side, so I shot for 250w and surged to around 360w every 2 min (my FTP right now is around 270w). For the last 2 or 3 minutes I held it at around 290w with a long surge at the end...Just like a race. I self selected the cadence which turned out to be 90rpm. I did these on the velodyne indoors.

This was a pretty challenging workout but it did seem to go by pretty quickly. These are really going to be killers when I increase the time (did 45min today) and the wattage (hello...thursday). They're also going to be a great transition into VO2 intervals for the first part of February.


Peloton Camden said...

2 other workouts to change things up: (already adjusted for your FTP of 270W).
After you are warmed up, do (1) 3 minute effort all out to get the carbon out of the legs. This is to 110% of FTP, so about 300. Then do 45minutes at Tempo pace- around SS- 85-95% of FTP. So about 230--257, NOT race pace, but a notch below uncomfortable, but do-able. Within this 45 minutes, do 15 bursts to your LT- 270-280, and hold there for 20seconds, then recover to previous pace.

2x20 minutes or 1x45 at SUB-LT, so around watts of 230-245. Rest for 5 minutes between.. Then do a pyramid 1 min hard= watts 320+ then rest for 2 minutes. Then do 2 minutes now- a touch easier - 300 watts then rest for 2 minutes. then little more easy, but still hard as you can for 3 minutes - 280 watts. Then 2 minute rest. then do 4min at 260watts.... Make this a strong one!, Then 2 minutes easy 3 min - 280 watts, 2 minutes rest 2 min 300watts! 2 minutes rest 1 minute HARD, 320watts+ Then do 10minutes with watts on 190, and then every 30 seconds, do a 5 second burst to get watts up to 450, and then back it off. Rest watts should be between 150 - 200.

Rich W said...

Variety is the spice of life...thanks for the ideas. I'm still a guy who gets real excited seeing a long straight line on WKO+ at my FTP.

Anonymous said...

Bro, nice workout.