Wednesday, January 23, 2008

4x15 @ 100%

In my current mode of "mix it up" I wanted to do a longer ride today with some threshold work. I was going to wait till thursday to do another interval but since Ladd is planning some death march for saturday I thought I would need an extra day to recover.

So I did 4x15' in the fort (45°) with my ave wattages being 280w, 280w, 271w, 272w. I rested for 2min between each one. I started suffering on the 3rd one (the terrain sucked for this one) and the 4th took a lot of focus to finish with the power up (I really wanted to quit*).
I passed Lang going the other way on the 3rd one...he was looking pretty bad too! I was pretty pleased with how today went--I didn't think I could get 60min at threshold done with a hard workout yesterday but there you have it.

*My secret weapon, guaranteed to give me an extra 10w on cold & nasty days --->


Anonymous said...

So how did you manage to score that jacket?

Rich W said...

Jonathan Page was selling a bunch of DeClercq's clothing a few years ago. I got the jacket and some cool CCC knickers...but they were too small! My wife wears them.