Sunday, March 16, 2008

1x35 at 100%

It's been a while since I've done a pure threshold interval and with not feeling great yesterday I wasn't sure how it'd go. I wanted to have a goal so I figured Bluff Road to the turn at Congaree would be good and close to 40min (flatish and straight, no stops).

Mostly it went well, I wasn't worried about hitting 100% of FTP since the legs weren't feeling that great. I just cruised and the strong sidewinds were gusty which made it hard to keep a good rhythm. The turn came at 35' and instead of soldiering on...I just stopped. Averaged 274w.

Ended up hooking up with Nutty & the girls and rode easy back home.

<--- the charts are current

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Nutty said...

you make it sound as if i have a rolling harem accompanying me on rides...which of course is true.