Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rest + Weight analysis

Took the day off. It's raining. I actually got kiddo out on her bike--it's the first time she's been able to ride around the block without training wheels or me holding her. That's pretty cool.

Weight. Racing in the 35+ category...I'm usually on the edge. My weight is pretty critical to my success*. Typically about this time of year I'm bummed that I weight 155+. Since at my age FTP or 5 min wattages are not going to get that much better...I have to lose weight in order to be faster. Physics 101.

*in order of likelihood: survival, to finish, top 10, planets align: podium

So this morning my scale said: 147. I haven't really been trying to "diet" just not snacking/grazing like I usually do...I call the diet: No Chips/No beer. I haven't weighed this little since after a 6 week climbing trip to Peru 8 years ago where we climbed multiple 20,000' mtns.

That bumps me from 4.00w/kg to 4.12w/kg (assuming an FTP of 275w). If my FTP can get to 285w then I'm at 4.27w/kg. This chart puts it in perspective (and my horrific sprinting ability!):

Tomorrow: Threshold workout in the fort.