Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Lots more people showed tonight which was good. The pace was kept high which prevented any real attacks from going off for the first 20min and it was very windy.

Unless you count Nutty...coming up the final stretch on the neutral lap I gave him a push and said "go". He, being the 23yo he is, took off and stayed 10s off the front for a couple of laps while we chased. The Nut was killing it all night.

My goal for the night was to just chill, not work too hard and follow moves. I got away once with Karl and then a mix of other semi breaks until the last lap when during a lull I drilled it up the left gutter but Ken and team sippy cup saw it and were right on my wheel so I shut it down. Ended up lining up for the sprint and had a good wheel (sammy) but got a bit tangled up and lost some mojo. I actually had a good jump and thought I might win but got swarmed at the line by 2 or 3 people.

What my WKO+ download shows is that I've done zero anaerobic work. My 5-10-20s max's are pretty pathetic (compared to what I've done in the past). Need to start doing some level 6-7.