Tuesday, March 25, 2008

TNWC #3 and then some

In an effort to rack up some TSS I did a 20' threshold interval prior to tonights race. It was pretty "easy" at 276w and this softened me up a bit and made the race a bit more of an effort.

The pace tonight was a little slower than last week and to get a good workout you either got to go to the front and drive it or wait and attack at every opportunity. I prefer the latter, it makes things a bit more dynamic and I get some good time in VO2 and above. It's also good practice for timing attacks/counters.

The end came down to a bunch sprint and I have no idea who won cuz I attacked hard with 1k to go...drug a bunch of people with me and then just held on as long as I could. I then rode tempo back to the house. It was a good night: 1:51, 130TSS, IF .84, 1241Kj.