Thursday, March 20, 2008

1x40 plus group ride

I had a feeling that tonight would be good. Just good sensations in the legs all day on top of a rest day yesterday. I wanted to do 1x40 and Maria, Rob, Casey and Chris wanted to tag along. I always tend to ride harder with someone on my wheel and tonight I absolutely killed it. 40min at 289w. My last 6 minutes were 300w. Awesome.

Afterwards we decided to hook up with the group ride at 6pm. Nick was riding hard tonight so I just followed him around. Coming down airbase I attacked hard on the little bump before the sprint...and died a very quick death. The legs were starting to cramp on Dbl Homey and after a hard pull by Nick I said "just stay there" cuz I really didn't want to come through...He got a good workout.

Tonight: 2:30, 182TSS, 1595Kj, 85IF, 236NP, 47miles
I'm fried!