Monday, March 31, 2008


Every year about this time I'm going along fine then I get some kind of allergy attack. The pollen here is coats everything. This is usually combined with a big jump in training volume so my defenses are down...a perfect storm for not feeling great. It's not really that bad--just some congestion/sore throat/fatigue. I'm just laying low so it will clear the system before this weekend.


Mike Mertz said...

Does it affect your power production? It sure does mine!
It feels as though there is a vice on my quads.
Even mid endurance power is very difficult.
It's not even like my ftp has dropped by 30% but riding at all is miserable...not even fun. This is odd considering I really have the classic symptoms like sneezing etc under is though the pollen does something to me on a cellular level that stops my legs from working.

Rich W said...

it affects it in the fact that I'm not riding! Normally the heavy pollen around here doesn't bother me that much.

spokejunky said...

I've got serious allergies that if go unchecked will result in partial hearing loss. I have to visit the doc twice a year to get jacked up on Nasonex and presc pseudoephedrine. Last fall I had enough since I got killed right before Greenville and had to miss the race. I started immunotherapy at the allergist in the fall and as of yet I've not had an allergy attack. Even if you only have one incident a year, then this knocks it out for ten years. Now that I've cursed myself I'll be out for the rest of the spring.