Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Good race tonight. I wanted to try to make it hard so I kept throwing in (suicidal) attacks. Not a great idea to attack with the pack going 26mph but hey--it's a training race. After a couple of these I chilled for a while.

With about 10 min to go everyone went into major cat and mouse mode...waiting for the move. I knew a hard attack would just get instantly chased so I eased up the side and slowly rode away...once I had 30m I drilled it. I got a huge gap and was cruising but as I came up to 2 laps to go I started looking back and doing the math...could I hold it? That's always the question. I pulled the plug which probably was a mistake.

Oh Well...it all came together at 1 and a half then Jed put in a massive attack followed by Ladd, Marc W. and myself. As I saw Ladd close it I thought to myself "COUNTER!!!" which is exactly what he did and he cruised to an easy win. I tried to close the gap to him in the last kilometer but he-strong-like-bull and I was a bit fried from my earlier solo foray.


JB said...

just letting Ladd ride away? oh the shame! just kidding, sounds like some good intensity today!

Rich W said...

So close but yet so far...I don't feel so bad when he told me he was holding 550w to keep me off his wheel!

Of course LL sat in the whole night until the last 2 minutes but hey, you gotta race your strengths. ;-)

LL said...

"sat in" = 9+ minutes away with Nutty, then Jed, then solo with only 15 mins to go. Almost disaster!

BigRing said...

Duuuude! Looks like fun. Sorry we missed it. We didn't see your msg on the Harrell's blog until late Tues afternoon and I ended up getting stuck at work anyway. We'll be there next week...so prepare for the Blue Train sufferfest. Should be fun. Looking forward to seeing you guys.
-Toby S

Rich W said...

Oh No...Not the Blue Train! You guys take sprinting to the next level. ;-)

Hey...I wanna keep you in the loop on some rides we're gonna be doing...shoot me your email/cell # to my email address: richwachtel@gmail

BigRing said...

Hey, you know how I roll...early and often baby (Jens voigt style)...turning opponents legs into a gelatinous (sp??) goo... rather than getting all worked up over a sprint ;)

Yeah Right!