Friday, February 13, 2009


I felt good today.  I went out with the plan to do 2x20's at FTP and after the first 20' I didn't think I needed a break so I just kept going.  I was shooting for 280w and my average was 279w.  My PE was lower than normal, especially at the beginning and near the end I was hurting and was glad it was over...a good sign.

The crit course is an incredibly nice place to train...

Music update:  Kings of Leon...overrated, I didn't get into them.  New Coldplay...OK but not a great riding album.  Vampire Weekend...these guys are awesome and my new favorite band, check out the song A-Punk.

This sunday we're meeting at 9am with Dean at Outspokin' and some of us are splitting off to do 70-75 miles at 20+ mph (percival, screaming eagle, 601, leesberg, etc) if anyone's interested.  Plan on pretty hard riding for, oh...say 70-75 miles.  ;-)