Saturday, February 28, 2009

G'ville #3

Today was the Fork Shoals race in a driving, torrential downpour. It rained the entire race but the temps were over 50˚ so it wasn't as miserable as it could have been. Driving up with LL and Jay I didn't feel all that great (bad stomach) but I was mentally ready to race.

They combined the 35 and 45's so there were about 60 riders lined up for a 45 mile race (shortened due to rain). 3 laps. Lots of attacking from the gun (first 30' were NP 290w). Jay gets away solo and gets 1:30. LL and I go into cover mode which can be pretty strenuous then LL and Jim Cunningham get away. I soon follow with another guy who was really strong but we're 30sec behind.

Once Jay, LL and JC got together they put a pretty big gap on the field and were about 1:30 head of me. I had about the same gap to the field with 15 miles to go.

LL and Jay worked JC over pretty good and got a well ridden first and second. I worked well with my guy trading hard pulls. He ended up sitting on for the last mile but I beat him pretty easily in the sprint for 4th. It was a nice ride home with #1, #2 & #4 in the car!

The rain/weather wasn't really that bad. I was always comfortable but was glad I was in a break most of the day so I could work and stay warm. Looking over my WKO... this was a damn hard race: 2 hrs with an IF of .96! No wonder I'm tired. I'm now leading the overall.


Jay said...

So I had the lowest IF out of the three of us at .947 for a 2 hour race. That's ridiculous.

Rich W said...

I'd say we all got our workout in today...I'm still pissed I talked you guys into going up today. ;-)

nathasm said...

The P/1/2 field wasn't any better:
Duration: 2:28:00
Work: 2033 kJ
Normalized Power: 281
TSS: 215.4 (.936)
VI: 1.22
Avg Power: 229