Wednesday, February 25, 2009


On the way out today the legs didn't feel so good so I took an extended warmup with a few Level 6 openers to see if that would help. Once I got started things went well and I did 6x4' at around 115%. I then hammered on the way home and got another 15' at FTP to eek out a little more TSS. A Good day. I'm gonna chill the next two days to be ready for Fork Shoals.

I read this today:

One thing alot of riders do is they wake up tired, too tired to work really hard - but they go out and ride 2-3 hrs or whatever easier because you can pretty much always do that. For me it's binary - you can either ride hard intervals or you need to rest. No in between nonesence. At least not for me, not for the guys I coach. I can't remember any race that consisted of riding medium the whole time.