Sunday, February 1, 2009


I was kindof dreading the ride today cuz it sucks to ride with shit legs but once on the bike I felt surprisingly good. The legs were a little heavy but I ended up cruising. I rode a lot harder than I thought I would and decided mid ride extend it by 30'.

I met up with Sam on the turn back down Hartsville...he was flying so I sat on his wheel. I remember when he first started riding as a junior...looked like a 12 year old on a huge bike. Now he's a Cat2 and a very strong rider.

I had a good solid week of training and probaby need some rest but since everyone around me is sick I figure it's inevitable for me too so I might as well keep hammering out the intervals while I still can. I wanna do a 60' FTP test this week...probably on Wednesday or Thursday.

I talked to some people who did the local shop group rides this weekend who said they were pretty tame. Those types of rides can be a good time to socialize but not if you're training for racing. Especially this time of year and a powermeter demonstrates this pretty well. If you're doing a structured training plan you're better off most of the time just skipping a lot of the group rides and doing your thing...this is talked about a lot on the wattage forums. It's like a box of chocolates...