Sunday, February 15, 2009

race sim

Today the crew came to this side of town to mix it up. We started out on Dean's ride to socialize a bit then once out of the fort we ramped it up. My goal for the day was to ride hard and take short VO2 type pulls...sort of thing you do in a hard break. It worked. My legs were pretty trashed near the end...right when we all started attacking each other in the fort. For the "fast" 2 hrs and 48 miles my NP was 247w (IF .89) at 22.5 mph. Nice.

Aaron (btw the only cat 4 out of nine riders who made the selection...good job): just because someone says chase Jay down doesn't mean you have to do it. ;-)

For the record: I schooled Jay, Ward and LL in the chaingang sprint. I only say this because it's such a rare occurrence and that I probably won't be able to write it again this year. Gotta savor it.

Feeling good for Greenville...gonna do some more threshold work Monday or Tuesday then SST till the weekend. CTL's 73 and TSB's -23. Ba-da-bing.


Aaron Trent said...

The idea of, "Aaron chases down Jay" sounded so perfect to my oxygen deprived brain at the time.

LL said...

Sprint?? I was executing the "perfect" lead out!

Rich W said...

It was perfect!