Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vo2 intervals

Last year I started VO2 intervals on 2/5 so I figured it was about time to get em started.  Last year I eased into them...shortening the # and intensity and built up over a few weeks.  Tonight I just wanted to go for it so I shot for between 115% and 120% of FTP and did 6 intervals (5 1/2 actually).  These were 4' on/4' off.  I'll build up to 5' soon.

My legs still felt tired from this past weekend so it was a struggle to maintain the wattage at times...these intervals have a lot of ups and downs mentally.  If you're going poorly they can really suck.

The wind was howling with 30mph gusts so on tank hill I would round the corner and get killed by the cross wind.  It was hard to keep a rhythm so after 2.5 intervals I headed up to the last climb on Dixie where I had a cross tailwind which made it much better and I knocked out 3 more.  I don't have the download yet but I averaged around 325w for each of the intervals.  Considering the wind and my negative TSB I'm happy with that.

I'm looking to doing a couple days of 2x20's at the crit course this week starting tomorrow.