Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Bad Great

Tuesday is threshold day so I went out with a conservative plan of 2x15' at 280w. Riding over I knew my legs would be good today. The first interval went well and the watts came pretty easily so I did 20' and I contemplated not stopping. I averaged 286w and had to restrain myself a bit so I was going well.

I rested for a minute or so and started up again and was really having a hard time even holding 260w...PE was off the charts. I was getting frustrated and ended up saying screw it and heading home but at the last minute I decided to just roll around for another 10' then try another 15' interval and see what happens and if I still was "off" I would just roll home.

I was amazed that my legs felt good when starting the 15' and got better as I went on...I ended up with 288w without too much difficulty or suffering. Interesting day...dunno what happened but I was pleased to get that 2nd interval knocked out. I'm thinking I just overcooked it in the 1st interval and needed a bit more recovery. Riding home the legs felt great.

I've upped my FTP in WKO to 282w & I weigh 68.9kg today (I'll lose 4-5 lb in the next month or so).

Tomorrow VO2.