Sunday, February 22, 2009

G'ville #2

I knew a selection would happen pretty early in today's race because of the howling crosswinds. There was very little head/tailwind. It was bad. I stayed near the front waiting for the attacks but being a bit more restrained than yesterday.

It happened at the beginning of lap #2 and I easily followed it. There were 7 of us and I knew if we could hold the small gap till the crosswinds then we'd be gone. Our lead went from 50sec to 3 minutes by the time we were at the start/finish. Sweet!

In those winds a small break can go a lot faster cuz we were all riding steady...not super hard just everyone pulling through in a full on echelon. It was pretty easy actually & we were all working really well together...not like the suffering in the gutter that was probably going on in the field. Getting the peleton to organize a chase today would have been's the nature of bike racing.

On lap #4 (of 5) Pete Cannell attacked and basically rode away from us for the the worst crosswind section. Ends up he was some monster TT specialist (Won 30-34 masters nats with a 48:34). More power to him, literally.

On the last lap we just cruised along till the finish. Of the 5 others with me I was only really worried about 2 guys. A Smith/Barney rider (Bob Wright) who I know is strong and especially Dirk Pohlman who was a former pro (who still wins P1,2 races) and masters nat'l champ etc.

Coming up to the last k I made sure I was behind the two riders I was watching. Smith/Barney attacked on the hill and Dirk pulls over and looks back which was my cue to attack and I went across easily and sat on. Smith/Barney was still driving it but he knew he was screwed at that point. I looked back and Dirk was working hard to cross the gap and when he got within 20' I attacked again. He caught me with 500m to go and I made him come through then sat on his wheel...he said: "I guess we're taking it to the line" ;-)

We start our sprint with 150m and he closed down the inside which forced me into the wind. I thought I was gonna get him but after the bike throw and photo he pipped me for 2nd. I wish I could sprint...

I was dreading today's race this morning but it turned out to be one of the coolest races I've done.


LL said...

nice! Good job!

Casey said...


Rich W said...

Same to you Casey...your first "pro" win sunday. Congrats!